First Etextile test

Equipped with a needle, conductive thread, a battery, and a couple LED lights, our class embarked on a sewing project which was made bright through LEDs and thread that electricity could pass through. We made a circuit with the thread connected to the LEDs, all sewed into the fabric. Below are some pictures of the lights, as well as one of Charlie Meyer riding Santa’s sleigh looking happy as can be. This was simply a test of my sewing prowess, but I have to say I am pretty adept at the whole thing.

IMG_4485 IMG_4662 IMG_4661

Rug Clan Card

First 3d Project: Rug Clan certification card

I had finally done it: I was an honorary member of the Black Ops 2 elite quickscoping clan called “rug.” I needed to print a card to prove my membership, so why not 3d print it myself? Here is the rug clan card in all its glory, along with the other member, Charlie Meyer. Enjoy the post, and don’t worry there’s plenty more to come.

IMG_4602 IMG_4603

First Arduino Usage Hype

After lots of talk about the arduino, our class finally got the chance to use one for ourselves. Arduinos are small devices that you can connect to a computer and make various objects control certain keys on your keyboard. After becoming accustomed to how these bad boys worked, our group went in a pretty unconventional direction. Thompson Oney, Charlie Meyer and I ventured off towards the cafeteria in search of a meat sandwich. We proceeded to get a club sandwich, separate the meats, and made a controller out of meat and cheese that controlled the arrow keys, complete with a bacon space bar. Using Bo Little as our test subject, we found a game, and it worked to perfection. After some in class time, we finally won the entire game (Run 2). Below are some pictures showing our progress with our meat controller.




WeDo Rube Goldberg Machine

As our first major project in our Media with Meaning class, we constructed, as a group, a Rube Goldberg machine with the help of WeDos, a motor that was triggered by a motion sensor. Charlie Meyer and I’s piece of the Rube Goldberg machine was the “Devastator,” a sort of battering ram that hit a Native American towards the next group’s motion sensor, causing their motor to begin running. After a little trial and error, and the addition of a flat pad to the devastator that more accurately hit the small indian, we had a well run machine. On the 3rd try of the whole machine running, our whole class watched as the entire machine ran smoothly with no help from outside forces. I really enjoyed doing this project, and believe that this was the beginning of what will be an extremely fun semester in this class. I have also added some pictures of the devastator so you can really see the hard work we put into this project.IMG_4558 IMG_4537